Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maxwell Adams Tesch

On Monday April 27th 2009 our little Maxwell was born. We have all been anticipating his arrival with excitement, and are so grateful that everything went so smoothly. He was 6 lbs 6 ounces and 18 inches long. Probably the most memorable thing that we witnessed was when Dad brought Davis into meet little Max. He climbed up on the bed and, without saying a word, leaned over and kissed his new little brother and gave him the most tender hug; it was very touching! Welcome to the world Max! We love you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

A story to promote faith:
About three weeks ago, for family night, Jake and I decided to take an hour and evaluate our lives and make goals for the year, and also to see what needed changing, etc. Jake had been talking about maybe getting a new job that would make more money for us to be able to buy our house, and we didn't have any leads, or any idea of what else he could do. But we both knew that something would come up if it was right.

I said to him, "We have been so blessed this last year, it's like I want to do everything right to keep them coming!" We then decided that the only commandment in our lives that we aren't that great at keeping is the law of the fast. Since I can't fast during pregnancy, I decided that I would "fast" by giving up watching TV for a week, like a "TV fast", and then the following Sunday, Jake would fast for the both of us. Jake decided to TV fast with me, which was really nice of him because our nightly ritual is to watch Seinfeld and Leno. :) So we played games instead (which was really much more fun than watching TV).

That Thursday, only three days later, a friend of Jake's randomly contacted him at Toyota, asked him if he was happy there, and offered him a job at his dealership where he would have the immediate potential to make double what he was making at Toyota. Needless to say, we knew that this came straight from heaven, and Jake started his new job the following Monday, one week from the day we had our family night, and one day after our special fast. Not only will Jake be blessed materially with this new job, but his new boss is a really great LDS guy, and so are all of his co-workers. He's not surrounded by all of the dirty talk and cursing like he was at Toyota. After his first week there, he told me that he felt freer, like his spirit could finally breathe! We feel blessed beyond measure, and because of our efforts in 2008 to take our spirituality to another level by reading, praying, and studying more, I know that all of these things are coming to us from a loving Heavenly Father, who desires to reward us for our faithful efforts.

I just want all of you to know that I know that whatever good happens to us in our lives is not a product of anything that WE have done. God is just waiting to pour down blessings, but he can't do it until we show him that we will reward HIM by our faithfulness. This gospel means everything to me, and without it, I would be left to my own strength and my own meagre knowledge, such dull and lightless tools when compared the strength and knowledge of the Father. I am just grateful that I have the gospel and can daily reap the rewards of life, because I know WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT -- and that knowledge is the only reason why I can be happy and grateful, even though I don't nearly have everything that I want :) Anyway, I just wanted to share that story with you, which really sheds some light on what's going on in our lives. We are just so grateful. And this year is going to bring so many wonderful things to our family. I am so excited!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Davis' New Bed

Our second priority with Davis before the baby comes was getting him to sleep in a toddler bed. I was gearing up for failure, and night after night of having to tell him to go back to his bed. To my pleasant surprise, Davis has slept in his bed for almost two weeks and hasn't tried to get out even once. He loves his ABC quilt and new dots pillow, and he has made the change so easy for us. He is such a little angel. Really, every night I lay him down I realize, "I didn't even have to get mad at him for one thing today." He is so pleasant, and so afraid of punishment of any kind, that he just submits like a champ! I feel so blessed and lucky to have him.

Here's our little angel asleep in his new bed:

Happy New Year 2009

As some of you may know, my family, the Adams side, has our biggest party of the year on New Years' Eve. We have a fabulous dinner with prime rib, crab, shrimp, and appetizers galore. This year was no different. My mom makes up different games each year, and it's always a boys against girls competition. This year we played pass the orange, but with girls against boys, it added a hilarious twist! Here are Jack and Jake getting a little too close for comfort . . .

My dad and Kevin in an awkward hug . . .

And my niece Jessica and I just couldn't get the orange passed! It kept falling down! We lost this game because of it.

We win some and lose some, but every year we lose the "Fear Factor" game. My mom and dad put out paper plates with hard-to-eat foods underneath paper bowls to conceal the food, and we line up and see who can get through their plates the fastest. With bigger mouths and little need for chewing, the brothers-in-law always dominate. In this one, Ashlee is scarfing down pork rinds -- no hands allowed.

THe second to last plate, which was my sister Amy's had Kipper snacks, which are like sardines. Here is a shot of the plate after she jumped back away from it. My sister Alli is in the pink, and Amy is nowhere in sight.Alli came to the rescue though, and tried to scarf down the nasty things, but she ended up gagging and spitting them out. The boys won yet another year. I caught a picture of Amy just as she said, "There is no way I was going to eat that."My brother in law Greg also puts together a slideshow of all the family's pictures of the entire year. Each family submits 75-100 pictures and he puts them all to music. It is such a fun tradition, especially when we don't get to see April, Alli and Angie very often.

Emily and Jessica are so cute with Davis. They spend a lot of time with him when we're together as family. It is so neat that they love him and he loves them so much.

So, that was our party. We had so much fun. The holidays disappeared from us so quickly! I wasn't ready for them to be over! But I guess they will come again, as they always do. We love you, our friends and family!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas n' stuff

So, I don't quite know where to start, or even what to say, but we had a wonderful November, and really BUSY but fun December. Since I've started working for my dad a few days a week, it seems like the time is literally flying by, and I can't catch up on anything! But we were still able to enjoy the season, no matter how fast it came and went. We saw the Temple Square lights with the youth in our ward, and we took Davis along. It was really cold!

We went to the VoiceMale Christmas Concert with our friends Wilson and Kelly. It was so nice of them to invite us!
We went to the Eclipse Christmas concert two days later. James Case, our good friend and "Super Bass" is the bass in their group. Davis loved it. Here he is playing in the hall during the intermission:
Jake had his 26th Birthday! Woo Hoo! Davis "helped" me blow up balloons before Jake woke up, and all day long he would say, "Happy Birthday Daddy!" and give him kisses. It was so darling. It was very fitting that Jake turned 26, and that we blew up 26 balloons, because that is EXACTLY the number of letters in the alphabet! Each balloon received a letter, a number, and two or more words of items that begin with each letter. We had them in our family room for a week. :) They were Davis' best friends for a while. He had a blast popping them with a nail, too.

I didn't have any birthday candles . . .It was more like an ice cream cookie than an ice cream cake, but it tasted really good.

We got a new tree:

This made me laugh: Davis was crying, and told him to make the saddest face possible, then I took a picture of himAnd then I showed him the picture, and this is what he did:

Davis met Santa for the very first time. We had been telling him, "okay, Davis, when you see Santa, you can tell him what you want for Christmas and he'll bring it to you." When he first laid eyes on Santa, a huge smile crept up on his face. It was like he really understood what Santa was going to do for him. Santa was mingling with the kids before he made his way to his chair, and we went over to him and gave him a high five. Then, under his breath, Davis said, "ABC books." Santa didn't hear, but it made me laugh so hard.
On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa Tesch gave Davis a Giant dry erase writing/coloring book. It was a huge hit!Santa left our house so beautiful on Christmas morning. He gave Davis a brand new big boy Corvette bed, complete with a handmade ABC quilt, ABC books, ABC puzzles, fake food, a singing snowman from JoAnns, :) and some clothes. He was ecstatic. He played all day long. And then we spent the evening with the Freis, the Zauggs, and my parents for a yummy turkey dinner.Christmas also brought a ton of snow. It was beautiful. The next day we played outside and made a snowman. The snow was terrible for a snowman, so we had to "build" a snowman like a sand castle. It was still really fun.
Davis liked to lick the snowman. He licks everything these days. Click to enlarge. His face is hilarious. And also notice, if you can in this picture, that I can't button up my coat anymore :)As you can see, we have been having fun every moment we have together. Now the fam is in town and gearing up for the new year. We miss Angie like crazy, but know that we'll get to see her soon, too.

2009 is going to be full of new experiences for us . . . a new baby, new goals, school for Jake, potty training :), more remodeling (hopefully), and who knows what else! We are so excited to see what the new year brings to us. This past year was filled with blessings big and small -- yet even the small ones seem big sometimes. Our love to all of you, our friends and family, and a hope for good things to come your way this year.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


It was a great day for me when we saw COLDPLAY live in concert. They are my fav, and it was the awesomest! :) The lighting, the music, the videography, the sound, the whole experience was just amazing, and they put on the most entertaining show. They sang all of my favorite songs, plus some, and it was just the best (nacho libre style). I've been wanting to post these pics for forever, since the concert was just after Thanksgiving, but I'm just now getting to it. So, hope you enjoy the pics. They do absolutely no justice to the real thing . . .

"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things
you do. And they were all yellow."

We were on the front row of the upper bowl in the Energy Solutions Arena. We had really good seats for the price. And if you can tell, you can't really see the band on the stage, because there is so much backlighting, but the whole show was taped, showing all the band members up close as they sang. It was really different, but I loved it because you felt like you could actually see them up close.

"If you ever feel neglected
If you think that all is lost
Well, I'll be counting up my demons, yeah,
Hoping that everything's not lost."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What are you saying, Davis?

Yesterday Davis was trying to tell me something that he wanted and I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say. It sounded like "shawwk", and he kept saying it over and over again. I kept saying "what are you saying, Davis? Straw? (he had dropped his straw outside on the ground just a minute before)" And he said, "No, shawwk" I asked, "shark?" And he said "NO, shawwk." So I asked him, "Can you spell it for me?" He said, "um . . . S . . . no, . . . C . . H . . A . . L . . K!" Ohhhh, chalk! I squealed with delight at my darling boy, and gave him a huge hug and a kiss. I couldn't believe that he actually could spell what he wanted. We wrote the alphabet outside with his sidewalk chalk for the next hour. :)

Davis' Birthday

Davis' Birthday
It's a tradition now . . . Davis gets a pinata on every birthday!

The New Kitchen

The New Kitchen
In four months or less, your kitchen could look like this! :)

Pineview Trip

Pineview Trip
Favorite Cousin

Davis and Jane have fun together

So hard to leave . . .

Davis and Daddy